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Extreme Steering Inc

While Gary Stewart was working in Aerospace he ran across a material on an application that he was working on. It was perfect. Non-porous, withstands severe temperatures and climates. Any condition you could throw at it nothing effected it and you get extreme shock absorption. Gary Stewart had to have that on his bars. So he started his next mission to design the perfect mountain bike grip made of 100% Silicone!

The Grips

Wet or dry, your hands stay put. Slip-proof, yet not sticky!
Super-resilient "aerated" silicone reduces hand numbness and fatigue! These grips actually absorb shock.
UV resistant and tough. Will not harden or fade.
Bar Adhesion
No clamps, glue, or hairspray required. These grips will not rotate!
At 60 grams for the "Chunky" and 50 grams for the "Racer's Edge," you no longer need to sacrifice comfort to save weight!

The unique cell structure of silicone creates an amazing dampening effect. Silicone conforms to your hands and shifts the pressure evenly across palms. ESI Silicone MTB Grips are engineered with one side thicker for absorbing shock and vibration, with the opposite side thinner for bulk-reducing comfort.

Chunky grips have a 32mm installed diameter and are recommended for those wanting the maximum benefit of shock-absorbing silicone (also recommended in use with GripShifters). Weight is 60 grams per pair.

Racer's Edge grips have an installed diameter of 30mm and are recommended for those with smaller hands or for confessed "weight weenies". Weight is 50 grams per pair.

ESI Grips